What is 'SQL injection' used in cyber attacks and how to avoid it ?

Nov Tue 2023 02:29:07


What is 'SQL injection' used in cyber attacks and how to avoid it ?

Some people use such code in the context of computer, so that all the data of your website or even admin access is accessible to them. This is called SQL Injection (SQLi). SQL injection is a type of cyber attack, where a hacker makes a website do things it shouldn't. They find the vulnerability of this website and enter a special order or code on it. This secret code can corrupt website database.

Apart from that, attackers can gain access to sensitive information through the same code, modify or delete the data there, or even take control of the website itself. In a general sense, if an attacker finds a weakness in a website or system, they put such code in it, which causes the website to do something it should not do.

In particular, attackers use SQL injection to gain access to the work done by the administrator in the database, to modify information or to gain access to sensitive data. According to 'OWASP', this type of cyber attack is the best among the attacks that target websites in the world.

Developers and administrators are equally responsible for preventing SQL injection. Databases and web applications should also be properly assessed for cyber security risks. To keep the website safe, the developer should pay attention to the points mentioned below.

1) Adopt a safe coding style: When writing coding for a website, correct rules and methods should be followed. And, it should be ensured that the code is not hacked or misused.

2) Code Validation: The user has to check and confirm whether the information entered in the system is correct and safe. Double deck should be done to ensure that there is no problem with the website or the system in any way.

3) Ensure that the data input by the user is maintained carefully: The information typed by the user in the system or website should be carefully managed. By doing this, problems in the system can be minimized.

4) Security audit and update should be done on a daily basis: To find out the weaknesses in the system, the system should be checked frequently or on a daily basis. In this case, the hacker cannot find such a problem beforehand and hack into the system. And such problems should be solved as soon as possible.

5) Finding and solving system problems before the hacker discovers them: If the problem or weakness in the system can be found and solved in time, the website can be protected from attackers who hack with SQL injection attacks.

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