Who lead in AI Technology in the World ? Technology competition on USA with China

May Fri 2023 01:48:06


Who lead in AI Technology in the World ?  Technology competition on USA with China

Kathmandu. The tension between China and the US continues over technology. In the state of restricting each other in the field of technology, there is a debate about which of these two countries is ahead in the AI technology that has been developed recently. This was also discussed at the recently held G-7 conference in Japan. In that conference, the US discussed the issue of trying to restrict China in important technology.

As of now, America is leading the AI technology race. In order to affect China's technology development, the US has imposed a ban on semiconductor exports to China. Analysts are of the opinion that China will overtake everyone in the AI race amid this US effort. Chinese Internet companies are more advanced than American ones. They can outpace American companies in innovation," says Kendra Safar, a technology expert.

But in the current situation, China is 10 to 15 years behind in the innovation of advanced technology, he says. Silicon Valley is the factor behind America's biggest leap in technology. Here are Google, Apple, Intel and other large and innovative technology companies. America also encourages inventors.

For example, Open AI is a copy. This non-profit organization was opened for research. The chat GPT created by it has now created a commotion in the technology world. China does not have the same suitable environment for research as in America. Only after one's technology becomes popular, they start to develop new models of it. China is lagging behind in technology development because it is not good at research, says Safar.

Investors also encourage research in America. Microsoft invested 1 billion US dollars for Open AI's Chat GPT. AI is a very transformative medium in the world of technology. It has the ability to solve many problems", said Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft.

On the other hand, China has an advantage from the user side. China is the second largest population country in the world. China's population is 1.4 billion. China has been making progress in the world of Internet. Everyone in China uses WeChat. In China, WeChat is not only used to send messages, but also to pay income tax to book doctor's appointments.

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