Huawei is challenging to America, How ?

Nov Fri 2023 02:11:58


Huawei is challenging to America, How ?

The Huawei Mate 60 Pro phone launched by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is garnering buzz. At first glance, this phone seems to be just a smartphone. However, once you get to know what's inside, you'll be convinced that this is an exceptional smartphone. Apart from smartphones, this phone has represented the country's (China) self-reliance and excellent technology. Especially the microprocessor used in this device has changed the attitude towards Huawei.

This microprocessor is designed and manufactured in China. Currently, this microprocessor is at the center of the tension between the world's two largest economies, China and the United States. Mate 60 Pro produced by Huawei is seen as a major achievement for China. Because Huawei is not dependent on America in terms of this technology.

The US had earlier tried to prevent Huawei from getting key components needed for smartphones. Then Huawei found a way to make these components themselves. This is an important success for Huawei, ie China, because it shows that China is no longer dependent on the US for technology.

"China's ability to develop cutting-edge technology has grown significantly," says Debby Wu, a technology journalist in Asia for Bloomberg News, "and this has raised concerns among US officials."

The primary concern of US officials is the use of these sophisticated chips in military equipment rather than smartphones. They are amazed at China's ability to achieve this level of technological advancement. US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo's recent visit to Beijing was aimed at easing tensions between the two countries, which are at loggerheads over trade, geopolitics and other issues.

Over the past few years, his department has made it difficult for China to buy or manufacture the cutting-edge semiconductors it needs to fuel the next technology revolution. American 'militants' have claimed that this work is about restricting China's military capabilities. The Chinese side has claimed that this decision is focused on restricting the nation's economic growth.

SMIC is China's largest chip maker. This is a company that manufactures semiconductors designed by other companies. For example, this company has been manufacturing chips designed by Huawei. She continues, "What this shows is that these two Chinese companies are making good progress in semiconductor capacity."

The chip industry uses nanometers to measure chip size. Which is a billionth of a meter. It is about half the diameter of the DNA double helix. The smaller the transistors in the chip, the more powerful the chip. Even if we look at high-end phones such as Samsung's Galaxy or Apple's iPhone, these devices include a 3nm technology chip.

The US wants to limit China's ability to develop technology by preventing it from giving access to certain technologies. In this way, the aim of the US export control was to make China eight to 10 years behind the US by bringing limitations in technology. But the Kirin 9000s chip used in the Mate 60 Pro shows that China is only three to four years behind the world's most advanced technology.

This shows that US export controls have not been as effective as expected. This means that America's plan to slow down China's technological progress has not been very successful.

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