What are the new features of Tiktok Alternative Nepali Video App 'Ramailo'

Nov Wed 2023 02:25:34


What are the new features of  Tiktok Alternative Nepali Video App 'Ramailo'

A mobile app 'Ramailo' has been released for short videos on the investment and activism of Nepali youth. Idea Jar Digital, a company active in the field of information and technology in Nepal since 2019, has provided facilities for watching and uploading videos, exploring videos, liking, commenting and sharing, as well as live streaming. The company has also said that it is planning to give a certain amount to the content creator after some time according to the content and popularity.

Recently, short video uploading platforms of social networks were gaining popularity. Since Nepal does not have its own app, Nepali users were forced to use all foreign apps, but now mobile apps have come to Nepali users as a Nepali product. The company expects Nepali users to like this app made in Nepal.

At a time when the government is saying that it is difficult to bring social networks like Tiktok and Facebook under the scope of regulation, the company says that if a Nepali company develops such an app, it will also be easier to regulate.

The government has recently banned the social network Tiktok in Nepal. This app can become the best app for Nepali users when the government bans Tiktok saying that it can disrupt social harmony. It is mentioned in the press note that if there is disorderly activity or illegal and unrestricted activity during video production in this app, it is also committed to help the government to bring it under the legal framework.

The government has been saying that it is difficult to bring other social networks that have become popular recently under the scope of regulation. If the user uploads content with wrong intentions including content that affects social harmony, the video will be removed under the 'Community Guidelines' of the app, the account will be suspended and the account will be closed forever.

Based on the suggestions of the users, the company said that it will develop this app. Citizens above the age of 13 can access the fun app. The company said that this app is currently available on the Google Play Store, and within a few days, iPhone users can download and run it from the App Store.

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