Government's decision is not fair to ban technology instead of regulation: CAN Federation Nepal

Nov Wed 2023 04:26:24


Government's decision is not fair to ban technology instead of regulation: CAN Federation Nepal

The government has decided to close Tiktok. The meeting held on Monday by the Government of Nepal has decided to close the social network Tik Tok. Government Spokesperson and Minister of Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma said that the cabinet meeting decided to shut down Tiktok because it was destroying social harmony through Tiktok.

It's not good to ban technology instead of regulation: CAN Federation

The Computer Association Nepal Federation (CAN Federation) has expressed serious objection to the fact that Rakar has imposed a ban on the social network Tik Tok. The CAN Federation is of the opinion that this decision, which was taken without necessary discussion and consultation with the relevant bodies, will add more challenges than problems. CAN Federation President Ranjit Poddar said that both opportunities and challenges come naturally with the development and expansion of information and communication technology, but the government is trying to prohibit technology as a problem. "Trying to ban the technology in the name of problem control has messed up the government's intention," President Poddar said, "It is counterproductive to ban the platform without first regulating the content." Stating that the pace of development of information technology will not be stopped, President Poddar said that the state should properly plan to manage its use. He insisted on bringing it.

The CAN Federation requests the government to negotiate and coordinate through an expert team for the orderly use of all social media available in Nepal. As a private sector, we are ready to provide any necessary technical cooperation," he said. Similarly, the General Secretary of CAN Federation, Chiranjeevi Adhikari, recently reacted to the fact that TikTok is being used as a popular social network in Nepal, and the government has decided to shut it down without considering its utility. He argues that if Tiktok can be brought under the tax regime and regulated in a commercial environment, it will also help the country's economy. General Secretary Adhikari said, 'TikTok has become a platform for showing creativity, not just for communication and entertainment.

It has become a means for some to express their thoughts freely. Similarly, it has become an option for small and medium-sized businessmen and startups to expand their market. The government is trying to take a step forward and control the platform without paying attention to such strong parties. That way is wrong.'' Stating that there are many problems in other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., the Secretary General said that banning the platform is not a proper solution. He also said that due to such steps of the government, it will be difficult to build a digital Nepal.

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