Why Tiktok Banded in Nepal ? Tiktok Banded Countries in the world

Nov Wed 2023 04:13:34


Why Tiktok Banded in Nepal ? Tiktok Banded Countries in the world

The government has decided to close Tiktok. The meeting held on Monday by the Government of Nepal has decided to close the social network Tik Tok. Government Spokesperson and Minister of Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma said that the cabinet meeting decided to shut down Tiktok because it was destroying social harmony through Tiktok.

Minister Sharma said, 'The decision to stop Tiktok will be implemented immediately, no deadline has been set for it. Technically, it will take some time to go into implementation, but it has been decided to close immediately.

Nepal Telecommunication Authority has written to internet service providers to stop Tiktok. The authority's assistant spokesperson Achyutanand Mishra informed that the internet service provider companies have already written to shut down Tiktok for the time being.

He said, we have sent letters to all internet service providers and telecoms and asked them to stop Tiktok. Tiktok will be closed within the next 24 hours. The government's decision to close Tiktok is being widely opposed on social media.

After Tiktok was closed in Nepal, protests started within Nepal itself. The joint government of the Nepali Congress and the Maoist Center had decided to shut down Tiktok for the time being, saying that Tiktok had begun to disrupt social harmony. Minister of Communications Rekha Sharma explained the reason why Tiktok should be banned and said that it is continuously spreading propaganda for 'disrupting social harmony'.

However, just four days before the government took this decision, it issued a directive to regulate social media. It included calling social networks to register, instructing them to remove 'posts' that are against the law and shutting them down if they do not cooperate.

 National Democratic Party (RDP) Chairman Rajendra Lingden, Nepali Congress General Minister Gagan Kumar Thapa, Nepali Congress Leader and Member of Parliament Pradip Paudel, National Independent Party Chairman Ravi Lamichhane, CPN UML leader Vishwa Prakash Sharma, CPN UML leader CPN UML Secretary General Shankar Pokharel have opposed the decision. . Pokharel has commented that he will oppose when the regulatory law is made, but now it is not appropriate to close the selective platform for regulation.

Tiktok Banded Countries

▪️Nepal : Nov 2023 (Decision Only)

  ▪️India: June 2020

▪️Pakistan: October 2020

▪️Afghanistan: April 2022

▪️The Netherlands: November 2022

▪️Taiwan: December 2022

▪️United States: December 2022

▪️Canada: February 2023

▪️Australia: April 2023

▪️Belgium : March 2023

▪️Denmark: March 2023

▪️European Union: March 2023

▪️France: March 2023

▪️Latvia: March 2023

▪️UK: March 2023

▪️New Zealand: March 2023

▪️Norway: March 2023

There are both good and bad things in Tiktok

1. Tiktok taught the energetic people of Nepal to beg.

2. Tiktok used the time to read and write in tap-tap.

3. Tiktok may have earned money, but it made brain dung.

4. Tik Tok has developed a loose culture, making it impossible to watch when you are with your family.

5. Tiktok lost the habit of working hard, made him lazy.

6. Tiktok made celebrities, but increased its importance.

7. Tiktok taught me to do social service by begging.

8. Tiktok increased obesity in the body, made him sick.

9. Tiktok brought the situation to the point where he said water water.

10. Tiktok taught to steal, increased insecurity.

11. Tiktok brought out the potential in people but did not sustain it.

12. Tiktok brought problems to people's eyes.

13. Tiktok caused discord and even divorce in the family.

14. Tiktok has violated people's privacy.

15. Tiktok caused imbalance in sleep.

16. Tiktok made all the land barren.

17. Tiktok attacked religion and culture.

18. Tiktok has encouraged suicide rates.

19. Tiktok has affected the mental health of elderly parents.

20. Tiktok affected children's brain.

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