Be able to run Tiktok - Balen Shah

Nov Wed 2023 03:58:11


Be able to run Tiktok - Balen Shah

The government of Nepal has decided to shut down the social network Tik Tok saying that it has "played a role in disrupting social harmony and environment". Information and Communication Technology Minister Rekha Sharma said that there have been complaints against Tiktok for a long time and the Cabinet meeting took a decision on it.

With the decision of the Council of Ministers, Nepal has become the latest country to ban Chinese social media. Tiktok is also banned in India.

Although there are no clear statistics, many Nepalese who use the Internet see Tiktok as a means of entertainment. But Minister Sharma argued that the ban was imposed because there were more problems than entertainment.

Nepali Congress General Minister Gagan Thapa has commented that the government has "taken the opposite step" by deciding to shut down Tiktok. "Regulation is necessary to discourage abusers of social media but shutting down social media in the name of regulation is completely wrong," he wrote on Facebook.

Be able to run decent Tiktok: Mayor Balen Shah

Kathmandu Metropolitan Mayor Balen Shah has said that the government's decision to close Tiktok has not been resolved. Shah expects the government to be able to run decent tiktok.

Not only Tiktok, but other social networks have been requested to monitor and bring the government to the rules. He urged to develop a new mechanism to censor wrongdoing by bringing it under the scope of taxation.

Shah has written on social media that he is also a victim of video abuse from Tiktok. "Many times, you may have seen me doing 'TikTok Live' by misusing my video from some time ago. Many such fake IDs have been created in my name since some time," says Shah, who has also broadcast false information.

He said that the Cybercrime of Nepal Police, Nepal Telecommunication Authority has appealed. Shah said that well-wishers were saddened when Tiktok did not pay attention to fake IDs.

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