Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube : User using alternative ways

Nov Thu 2023 03:12:06


Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube : User using alternative ways

YouTube has aggressively attacked users who use ad blockers in their browsers. If adblocker is used, users are forced to remove adblocker due to YouTube's policy of allowing up to three videos to be viewed first and then blocking the following videos.

Some users have started looking for adblocker alternatives. YouTube's policy of not allowing ad-blocker users to watch videos, which started with a limited number of users, is now being implemented worldwide.

According to the media Wired, in the month of October alone, millions of users started removing ad blockers from their browsers. At the same time, some other people were looking for such a tool, which YouTube could not stop.

In October, the number of users installing and uninstalling the popular ad-blocker Ghostery for Chrome increased by three to five percent. 90% of users who hoped to be able to watch videos without ads after uninstalling were disappointed.

Another ad-blocker, Edgard, was being uninstalled by an average of 6,000 users every day. According to international media, from October 9 to the last day of that month, about 11 thousand and 52 thousand users uninstalled the Chrome extension on October 18 alone. After that, the paid version of Adblock works on YouTube.

About 60,000 people installed the Edgard extension from October 18 to 27 after learning that AdBlocker works on YouTube when paying a fee. As an alternative to this adblocker, some users have also started using the Newpipe extension that helps them watch videos without ads.

According to cyber security analyst Krzysztof Modras, YouTube's policy forces users to search for ways to block ads, and when users search for alternatives, they may face security challenges. Some extensions work in some browsers and some don't. For example, Uorigin adblocker works only in Firefox browser. Similarly, some users have also started using Adblock Plus.

5 ways to bypass YouTube adblock detection
  1. Use a top-notch YouTube ad blocker. Using a reliable YouTube ad blocker is your best chance at staying undetected, no matter where you go online. ...
  2. Disable JavaScript. ...
  3. Install a user script manager. ...
  4. Enable Chrome's Distill Page Feature. ...
  5. Use your browser's Reading Mode.

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