The new iPhone have AI features

Nov Tue 2023 04:00:08


The new iPhone have AI  features

Apple is developing its own artificial intelligence, which will be available in the new iPhone. Apple's work on generative AI could eventually be incorporated into its ‌Siri‌ voice assistant. Apple in February 2023 held an AI summit and briefed employees on its large language model work. Because of the way Siri is built, it may take Apple quite a bit of time to update its database to support new capabilities.

Apple is working on the development of generative AI. So Apple users will get to see Apple's own AI in the near future. Recently, during a meeting with investors, Tim Cook highlighted this issue. Last August, Cook said that the company has been working on generative AI for a long time. According to him, Apple wants to prepare such an artificial intelligence technology that can be used for a long time.

Cook emphasized the responsible development and integration of generative AI technology. However, he has not yet disclosed more about the project of Apple. In a meeting with investors, Cook informed that Apple is going to invest a lot in this area. He says that this technology will be part of Apple's products in the future.

While the company's CEO Cook is saying that Apple is working on the development of AI, competing companies Google and Microsoft have developed AI and integrated it into their products. Remember that Apple recently launched its iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro series. The sale of a total of four phones of these two series has also been satisfactory. Apple will be able to include its own AI technology only from the upcoming series of phones.

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