SIM Swap Fraud in India : What is SIM-Swap Scam ?

Nov Fri 2023 02:22:14


SIM Swap Fraud in India : What is SIM-Swap Scam ?

SIM-swap scams are on the rise. Fraudsters manipulate network providers to associate the victim's number with a SIM card under their control. In light of this incident, citizens should remain vigilant and adhere to preventive measures to safeguard against such fraudulent activities.

A lawyer in the capital of India, New Delhi, has become a victim of a 'phone hacking scam' or a 'SIM swap' incident. An unauthorized person gained access to the SIM card in the woman's name and stole 50 lakhs (Rs 80 lakhs) from the bank account.

The woman received three missed calls on her smart phone from an unknown number. Soon after, the money disappeared from his bank account. It sounds amazing. She neither received the call nor gave any banking details or One Time Password (OTP) to the unknown caller. Yet lakhs of rupees disappeared from his bank account.

Cyber Cell of Delhi Police said that the woman lawyer did not pick up the phone call and did not give any personal details. However, the accused managed to steal the lawyer's banking details along with all other personal details. This incident was registered at the police office on October 1.

There were three missed calls on the 35-year-old lawyer's phone. Later, she called the unknown number from another number and the person who picked it up said that the number belonged to a courier delivery service,'' a police officer told the Indian media outlet Indian Express. She even got that stuff. Then a message from the bank came on the mobile. Which indicated that 50 lakh rupees were withdrawn twice. 

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