Are you buying a new smartphone? Follows to these things

Apr Mon 2023 03:49:59


Are you buying a new smartphone?  Follows to these things

Recently, the Android mobile market has become competitive. Many brands are available in the market. These phones have the same features. In such a situation, it is difficult to decide whether to buy a new Android mobile. Which one to buy, which one to buy because of the same features and price? . Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a new mobile phone, we are giving you information about what to follows some things.

Powerful processor: The most important aspect of any smartphone is its processor. It is also considered as the brain of the smartphone. Gaming, photography, storage, communication and web browsing depend on the processor.  Therefore, if the processor is good, the phone can handle the workload well. If the processor is not good, the activities that can be done on the phone are also limited.

A processor with an NTUTU score between 300K and 500K is good for general use, but if you need more than that, you should have an NTUTU score of 700K or more.

6 GB RAM : Although the main storage of your phone is ROM, the phone uses RAM for short-term memory. The more RAM you have in your phone, the easier it is to multitask. Due to this, apps can be run in the background without closing the app. It depends on how much RAM the phone can have. RAM storage 2 GB to 12 GB mobiles are available. But usually 6 GB of RAM is enough for general use. You can multitask on a phone with 6 GB RAM.

128 GB internal storage: Some of us have downloaded movies, games, apps, documents, photos, videos and songs. All this goes to the phone's storage and is saved. Along with this, as the cameras are getting better, the file size of photos and videos is also increasing more than before. Therefore, while buying a phone, the storage capacity should also be taken care of.

Until a few years ago, the standard was 32 GB of ROM, but the current flagships are up to one terabyte. Now 128GB has become the standard for most phones. But it is better to choose a smartphone with up to 256 GB of storage. Even better if your phone has a microSD card slot. It can add storage.

120 Hz refresh rate display: The refresh rate technology in the smartphone industry has evolved a lot. Since all the content is viewed on the screen, it is not surprising that the smartphone company has worked on the display. Depending on the investment you make in the smartphone, the display may vary, but at least you should choose a smartphone with a 120 Hz display. Along with this, there should be FHD resolution, AMOLED color and at least 85 screen to body ratio.

Battery with fast charging: Batteries below 5000 mAh are not competitive. Software optimization also has a huge impact on your battery life. The phone also needs to have at least 25-watt fast charging.

Optimized camera system: Having good software in the camera is very important because it affects the quality of the photos. Due to the effect of the software, even if someone takes a good photo in the dark, the video may not be good. Aperture and sensor size should be taken into consideration while buying a phone. A phone with a low aperture can take photos even in low light. The image sensor captures the light and converts it into an image.

Another feature to note: Apart from these, if there are features like Gorilla Glass Five protection, clean software (stock Android), water resistance and headphone jack, the experience of using the smartphone will be even better.

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