Nepal Telecom is starts 'Voice over Wi-Fi' vowi-fi service

Feb Sun 2023 04:56:47


Nepal Telecom is starts 'Voice over Wi-Fi' vowi-fi service

Nepal Telecom has prepared to start Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) service. At the company's 19th anniversary celebration, Managing Director Sunil Paudel said that the VoWiFi service is being tested and will start soon.

Complementary technology for this Volte is Voice over Wi-Fi, a calling service that allows customers to make quality calls through Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi requires a smartphone with Internet access and VoWiFi facility.

This service is activated after switching Wi-Fi calling on the mobile to 'on'. Once the telecom has started the service, the smartphone with the 'WiFi Calling' feature should be connected to the Wi-Fi network. Through this postpaid and prepaid voice customers can make high quality calls.

No apps are required for this. After switching on both Volte and VoWiFi calling, the problem of call disconnection is reduced. In this system, the phone is based on 'VoWiFi' technology as long as it is on Wi-Fi. As long as the Wi-Fi router can provide quality calls, the call stays on Wi-Fi.

If the caller is too far away from the router or the internet is cut off in Wi-Fi, the call is switched to Voltema. If Volte is not turned on, the call is dropped.

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