Hackers stole Galaxy source code

Mar Tue 2022 11:11:12


Hackers stole Galaxy source code

Samsung said today that hackers had successfully obtained confidential business data and source code for Galaxy smartphones from the South Korean electronics giant. The intrusion was initially disclosed earlier this month, with Lapsus$, a hacker group, claiming blame. The organization, which previously attacked Nvidia, released pictures purporting to show around 200GB of stolen data, including source code for Samsung's encryption and biometric unlocking mechanisms for Galaxy gear.

Samsung would neither confirm nor deny the identities of the hackers, nor did it say if they had obtained data linked to encryption or biometrics in a statement released today. However, the firm stated that no personal information, whether belonging to workers or customers, had been obtained. In a statement obtained by Bloomberg News and SamMobile, Samsung stated, "There was a security issue pertaining to sensitive internal corporate data."

The hacker organization Lapsus$ threatened to disclose data online unless Nvidia removed cryptocurrency mining limiters from specific GPUs and released the drivers for certain video cards open source in the event of the current Nvidia attack. It's unclear whether Lapsus$ has threatened Samsung in an attempt to force particular concessions.

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