Corona's PCR Test from Smart Phone

Jan Thu 2022 02:17:54


Corona's PCR Test from Smart Phone

Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for covid testing. Researchers have developed a smartphone-based diagnostic tool. This device will take 20 minutes for a quick test. With the help of this sample can be tested with Harmony Kit like PCR. The corona virus can be detected with the help of a small detector. The cost of this detector is quite low. Smartphones are being used to operate and track results.

The experiment, called Harmony, was developed by researchers at the University of Washington. The test also identifies the genetic material in the virus. Due to this, the Omicron variant can be easily detected. The PCR test report takes several hours to arrive. However, the Harmony Kit reports in less than 20 minutes and with the same accuracy.

In testing, the smartphone is used by connecting it to a detector. The test is performed by placing the test sample on the detector. Only after 20 minutes the infected person on the smartphone is detected positive or negative.

Expensive machines are used for PCR testing. Their results are usually 95 percent accurate. The Harmony Kit is up to 97 percent accurate. Researchers say that despite the new mutations in the new variant, the kit can still detect two more. However, PCR-based testing is still considered reliable. Lutz and his colleagues hope to make the kit initially available for use in clinics as well as workplaces and schools.

A team of Scottish scientists has come up with a new experiment to find the corona. X-rays can now tell if a patient has a corona infection. Scientists have found it to be 98 percent accurate. According to the information, the result will come in only 5 to 10 minutes.

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