Cyber security awareness school program at Janpath Namuna School in kalanki

Dec Sat 2021 11:48:35


Cyber security  awareness school program at Janpath Namuna  School in kalanki

Cyber security A one-day awareness program has been completed at Janpath Namuna Secondary School in Kalanki on Information Technology Media Campaign for Prosperous Nepal. Prof. Dr. Ramhari Subedi has imparted training to the students studying in Janpath Mabi.

It is well known that this ICT Journalist Development Forum is conducting an information technology campaign for a prosperous Nepal by reflecting on the leaps and economic prosperity of developed countries through the use of information technology.

According to Prof. Jeet Bahadur Lamichhane of the school, the general students and themselves have learned a lot from the programs related to the development of cyber security and information technology in the school.

Similarly, Ram Hari Subedi, a resource person, said that development could not be imagined without information technology. He also thanked the ICT Journalist Development Forum for conducting the campaign.

In this ongoing campaign, experts and experienced personalities in the field of ICT at home and abroad will make presentations on how the state should address the use of information technology at the policy level. Bharat Raj Upreti, the founding chairman of the organization, said that the organization expects special assistance from the government to give concrete form to the slogan of prosperous Nepal.

Short profile of Dr. Ramhari Subedi

Dr. Subedi is currently teaching Master of Science in Cyber ​​Security at ECPI University, USA. Dr. Subedi has 7 years of experience as a system engineer at NASA supporting space satellite and earth science mission programs.

Dr. Subedi received the Outstanding Leadership and Technical Contribution Award from NASA in 2009. He is also the founder of DC Nepal, a very popular website based in Washington DC. For the past 5 years, Dr. Subedi and his team have been providing free training on cyber security, government investment in technology and high-paying IT jobs in Nepal to various bodies in Nepal (Nepal Army Chiefs, Nepal Police Chiefs and Officers, Colleges and Government Schools, Banks and Financial Institutions). Is

More than 500,000 participants from different regions of Nepal have benefited from the program. Prof. Dr. Subedi's presentation also covers how developing countries like Nepal can benefit by investing in technology and how Nepal can prevent the new generation from migrating to other countries.

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