Increasing hacking .... What is in the law ?

Dec Tue 2021 12:00:43


Increasing hacking .... What is in the law ?

Kathmandu, According to the Cyber ​​Bureau, website and social network hacking has been on the rise lately. In the fiscal year 2076/77, one thousand 201, in the fiscal year 2077/78, one thousand 635 and in the two months of the current fiscal year, 365 incidents have been reported to the police. There is also a situation where those who have not reached the police or have to go to the police for treatment for such crimes are not even informed.

According to the police, abusive language is more prevalent in social media. Posting nude photos on social media and the Internet, posting pornographic photos and videos online, ransomware attacks (taking all the information under one's control) and demanding ransom, using other people's names, photos and profiles on social media Giving, hacking the websites of government and other organizations with unauthorized access, attacking in various ways including brute force attack, hacking Facebook under financial crime and cheating relatives and friends through extortion are more common.

What is in the law? From the point of view of law, it is considered a crime to unauthorized access to the social network account, computer system, website, app, software, etc. of the person or organization including email, Facebook. According to Article 47, paragraph 9 of the Electronic Transactions Act 2063, there is a provision of fine of Rs. Similarly, hacking and data breaching can result in a fine of up to Rs 200,000 or three years imprisonment or both.

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