How to earn money from Google AdSense ?

Mar Sun 2024 02:24:27


How to earn money from Google AdSense ?

Google AdSense is an advertising network. Through which advertisers and publishers can also earn money. The popular search engine Google has created Google Ads to receive ads from advertisers. Any person or organization who wants to advertise on Google must register with Google Ads. For which the advertiser has to pay the same to Google.

You can earn 100 dollars monthly income from AdSense

Then the ad appears on YouTube videos and websites. For which Google also pays the publisher. AdSense will give you ads based on the data you searched for first.

You can earn money from Google Adsense by creating a website or blog or by monetizing YouTube videos.

It is easy for you to earn money from adsense using blogging. You can also create a blog for free on blogspot but if you think you will be blogging for a long time, it is better to start by buying a domain.

After creating a blog you can sign up for AdSense when you have a website as per AdSense terms. Google AdSense team will approve your blog if it is in accordance with AdSense policy after checking it properly. If approved, you can earn by putting the AdSense code on your blog.

When you have $100 or more in your AdSense account, Google will send the money to the given address within the 21st to 26th of the month. Similarly, to earn money from Adsense through YouTube, you need to create a YouTube channel. If you go to the YouTube website and login with your Google account, your YouTube channel will be ready.

After creating a YouTube channel, you need to create and upload videos. When you cross the limit of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of time on your YouTube channel, your channel will be monetized. You can monetize YouTube by going to your channel's settings.

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