How to factory reset before selling the second hand phone?

Nov Fri 2023 02:06:42


How to factory reset before selling the second hand phone?

Factory reset is also known as hard reset or master reset. It restores the electronic device to its previous factory settings. That is, by deleting all the data, settings and apps on the device, factory reset will create the same settings as the company made it when the device was manufactured. That's why many people argue that it will be safe after factory reset on Android phone.

Usually, the encryption key associated with your password is also automatically deleted after a factory reset. But even if that happens, the hacker can get hold of the phone's data. For that he extracts files by performing data forensics. However, such files are encrypted. Which makes it hard for a hacker to read.

How to wipe your Android

Go to “Settings” > “System.”

Tap “Reset Options.”

Choose “Erase all data (factory reset).”

Tap the “Reset phone.”

Tap “Erase everything.” Your phone will be returned to the same state as when you purchased it.

The thought that the data on the phone is safe after factory reset is closer to the truth. Because by reading the article till now, you have come to know that factory reset will erase all data and make it difficult to recover. However, it is better to take extra steps for data security. Because protecting data means avoiding problems. That is, before selling the phone in the second hand market, it is important to delete all the private information there to keep it safe.

Can the phone be factory reset remotely?

can be You can factory reset an Android phone remotely using the 'Find My Device' tool. For this, go to and sign in your Google account. There, go to 'Lost Device' and select the device to be factory reset. Now the phone is connected to the internet and all data is deleted forever.

Does factory reset turn off 'Find My Device'?

yes Factory reset turns off 'Find My Device'. That's why you won't be able to 'locate' your phone after a factory reset.

Can photos be recovered after factory reset?

Can't. If the photos on the device are not backed up to Google Photos or other apps, it is impossible to recover them after factory reset.

Can factory reset be done without password?

can be Android phone can be factory reset from recovery menu without password. For this, you have to press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously for ten seconds. After this the phone restarts and you can enter the recovery mode. Now you can do a factory reset by going to 'wipe data' using the volume button.

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