Nokia expanding 4G internet on the moon

Apr Tue 2023 02:14:47


Nokia expanding 4G internet  on the moon

Nokia has brought a plan to expand the 4G mobile network on the moon this year. The company is going to expand the 4G service with the aim of helping to explore the moon and studying various possibilities.

While speaking at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Luis Maestro Ruiz de Tamino, the company's chief engineer, gave information about Nokia's new project.

As per the preparations, the project has progressed and the company is preparing to expand the Fergie network on the moon within the year 2023. According to the international media CNBC, to expand the 4G network on the moon, Naekia will take the help of the antenna base station stored in the Nova-C lunar 'lander' designed by the American space company 'Intuitive Machine'.

A 4G connection will be established between the lander and the rover, which has the facility of solar power. All of this infrastructure will land in Shackleton Crater on the southern side of the Moon. The company claims that these infrastructures are adapted to the lunar environment.

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