Successful Elan Musk: What is the secret of his success ?

Dec Tue 2021 12:48:12


Successful Elan Musk: What is the secret of his success ?

The BBC has published a news item about how Elan Musk, the chief executive officer of Tesla and head of SpaceX, reached the pinnacle of success. Ordinary people think, then, what is the secret of his success?

Attempts were made to take the interview smoothly to find her new milestone. He has a special reason behind the success of his business. You have tried to find out about those reasons.

1) Money is not everything In his own business, Musk's approach is somewhat different. When interviewed in 2014, I didn't know how rich Musk was. He said it could be a lot of cash somewhere. In fact, he said that Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity have a certain number of prices, but the market perception of its value may be different.

He thinks that the search for wealth is nothing. If any work is done to him with morality and honesty, it will definitely give good results. According to him, these physical objects are not just a matter of movement, there is a point of view behind it.

Now his car company Tesla has done very well. It is earning good money even in the stock market. Last year alone it was 700 billion. Its price includes Ford, General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler. There is still plenty of time to buy a Ferrari.

2) Follow the desires Alan Musk believes that Mars in space is the key to success. Do you want to see good things happen in the future? "You want these new interesting things that make life better," he says. He did not believe that he could set up a company. Because he was disappointed. The US space program was more ambitious.

When that didn't happen, he came up with a new idea for the Mars mission. The goal was to send a small greenhouse to the Red Planet. At that time, his idea was to make people excited about space again. He wanted to persuade the US government to increase NASA's budget. Space technology was much more expensive than it needed to be.

It was this thinking that gave birth to the world's cheapest rocket launch business. And, the important point here is that its origins were not exactly about making money. But there was talk of an astronaut landing. Musk sees himself as an engineer rather than an investor. His bank account has a world of progress more than a dollar. He knows that every obstacle faced by his business helps everyone. Who is trying to solve the same problem. Which is always happening.

3) Don't be afraid to think big : There are some really remarkable features about Musk's business. He wants to revolutionize the car industry, travel to Mars and build super fast trains, integrate AI into the human brain, and upgrade the solar and battery industries. There is a common challenge. All his projects are fantasies of the future. He believes that ambition is driven by the incentives of most companies.

4) Be prepared to take risks :

You always have a game to do any job well. Musk has also taken more and more risks in sports. By 2002, he had sold the holdings of his first two ventures. The Internet City Guide Jeep 2 and the online payment company PayPal were the companies he sold. He was in his 30's at the time. He had 200 million with him at the time.

He faced all sorts of problems while starting and growing his new company. The first three launches of SpaceX failed, but all of Tesla's products suffered from problems, supply chain, and design issues. But he did not stop pouring money into the company. Once upon a time there was a debt. He even had to borrow money from a friend.

5) Don't listen to critics : "SpaceX or Tesla made money when I set up," he says. And, of course, no one else did. Many even criticized for this. But she was never afraid. He did not listen to the critics. Critics criticize on the basis of tolerance. They cannot analyze human thinking. If you only listen to the criticism of the critics, your thinking will not take shape.

6) Enjoy yourself : Another condition for Musk's success is to enjoy himself. He believes that success can be achieved only if one can enjoy oneself no matter what the problem is. Last year, his company launched six spacecraft for the International Space Station. The spacecraft was the last mission from American soil since its retirement in 2011.

Musk hailed the test as a success. Despite his many failures, his character seems to be to believe in and persevere in his work. He has also come out of many legal issues. People think that it is difficult to get out of trouble. But, Musk comes out and moves on. This is also what happened. He says that's the taste of success. 

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