iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max problem is Battery overheating

Sep Thu 2023 06:10:24


iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max problem is Battery overheating

Some iPhone 14 Pro owners have noticed similar hot temperatures over the past year. The high temperatures in Apple's newest 15 Pro models—typically when charging and using intensive apps—are prompting concerns that the company might need to address overheating in software updates that could impact performance. 

iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max face batteries are overheating problem. It has been analyzed that such a problem may have occurred due to the error made by Apple in the design of the thermal system of the phone. Android Authority tested the iPhone 15 Pro to confirm whether the problem is real or not. If you start doing different things on the phone at the same time, the temperature of the phone reaches 47.4 degrees Celsius, according to Android Authority.

According to Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo, there is no connection between the battery overheating problem and the A17 chip in the iPhone. He argues that the problem of overheating of the phone may have occurred when the company compromised on its thermal system to reduce the weight of the premium model.

Similarly, it is speculated that the phone is heated due to the titanium frame used by Apple to make the phone strong and light. Because titanium negatively affects thermal efficiency. iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are not meant to be unbearably hot all the time. It has been mentioned by various media that the problem of fan overheating is seen while playing games, recording videos or doing similar 'heavy' work.

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