ICT Profile of Prof. Dr Ramhari Subedi

Dec Tue 2021 03:42:32


ICT Profile of Prof. Dr Ramhari Subedi

Prof. Dr. Ramhari Subedi is  currently teaching at  Master of Science in Cyber Security at ECPI University in USA. Prior to his current teaching profession, Dr. Subedi worked at NASA for 7 years as a Systems Engineer supporting space satellite and earth science mission programs.  Dr. Subedi received an exceptional leadership and technical contribution award from NASA in 2009. He is also the founder of a popular website  www.dcnepal.com, which  is based in Washington DC.  In recent years, Dr. Subedi and his team have been providing training on Cyber Security, government investment on technology, and creating high paying jobs in IT.

In Nepal, more than 500 thousand participants from various sectors have benefited from the program. Prof. Dr. Subedi’s  presentation also includes how developing countries like Nepal can be benefited by investing on technology, and how Nepal can prevent new generation from   migrating to other countries.

You can visit the Pf. Dr Ramhari Subedi's past programs on  YouTube  

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