The biggest cybercrime in the world : Israel lost $12 billion annually

May Sat 2024 07:51:04


The biggest cybercrime in the world : Israel lost $12 billion annually

Artificial intelligence (AI), cyber crime is increasing in the world. Cybercrime is a type of crime in which computers are considered as objects of crime. Cybercrime is criminal activity carried out through computer networks.

In other words, cybercrime can be defined as illegal activities carried out through the Internet and digital devices that are prohibited by law and are carried out through offensive content and abuse in the private space of others. Although the increasing use of technology has made people's lives very easy, if it is not properly utilized, it is creating distortions in the society.

Israel's economy suffers $12 billion in annual losses due to cyber attacks, according to a new report released by the country's National Cyber ​​Directorate. The amount presented in the report is based on an analysis of the costs of handling damage from an attack in the short term. ANI has mentioned that for the first time the data has shown the huge financial burden on the national production and the loss in the economy due to cyber attacks.

Police in Vietnam recently arrested 20 people for allegedly stealing thousands of Facebook accounts domestically and internationally. From this, they have made a profit of about four million dollars. According to Vietnamese online newspaper VNE Express, it is accused of spreading malware to take over more than 25,000 high-value business accounts. Malware is software installed on a computer without the user's consent that performs malicious actions such as stealing passwords or money.

There are many ways to detect malware, but the most common is to scan the computer for malicious files or programs. The group is believed to be led by 31-year-old Dang Dinh Son. He bought a malware resource worth 41,200 dollars to steal account information of Facebook users. This malware was used to control two popular Facebook fan pages belonging to two photo editing sites 'Art Bay AI' and 'Evoto Studio', according to local media.

Cybercrime has become a major problem of the 21st century. People involved in cyber security say that if it cannot be stopped in time, tomorrow it may bring more terrible problems than Covid-19. At a time when the national and international world is insisting on making strict laws suitable to the times, a new law is about to be introduced in Nepal as well. If it can be emphasized in its implementation, it will help to increase social harmony and discourage criminal tendencies.

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