How to avoid using mobile phones for good health ?

Mar Wed 2024 02:30:14


How to avoid using mobile phones for good health ?

Human health can also be affected due to excessive use of mobile phones. The current youth generation is badly addicted to mobile phones. Along with this, due to mobile phones, there are many effects on our health. About which many people do not care.

We are informing you about the effects of mobile phones on human health and how to get rid of them.

These effects can be seen in our health use a lot of mobile phones

- Effects on memory

- The problem of headache, neck and back pain when using a mobile phone too much.

- Risk of serious eye disease or blindness

- Skin 'hyperpigmentation' and aging problem due to being in contact with the light emitted from the mobile screen

- The use of smartphones affects the mental development of children

Such problems can be avoided

- Don't spend too much time using mobile.

- Accepting mobile phone addiction as a serious problem.

- Try to spend more time with other people and family.

- Going on a long journey, reading a book.

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