How to Avoid Digital payment scams

Mar Tue 2024 02:59:38


How to Avoid Digital payment scams

Digital business has made our life easier. Digital payments are easy, fast and secure. But on the other hand, it has also increased the rate of online fraud.

In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in cyber frauds through phishing links, SIM swaps, phishing calls. Scammers are finding new ways to trick and deceive people. Today we will give you detailed information about QR code scam.

Scammers try to convince people that they are sending a payment via a QR code. And the recipient has to scan the code and enter the amount they want to receive and then enter the OTP.

Note, the QR code is only scanned to send money, not to receive money. So, when people scan someone's QR code and enter the OTP under the pretense of receiving money, instead of sending money, money is deducted from their account.

How to Avoid QR Code Scams

Never share your bank account details with unknown people.

Never scan the QR code if you are receiving any amount.

Always double check the details displayed by the QR code scanner even when sending money.

Do not scan if the QR code looks like a sticker covering another QR code.

Never share OTP with anyone.

If you are selling or buying something, always verify the person's identity on the online website.

Try not to share your mobile number unless necessary.

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