Top 5 Best Startups of ICT Awards 2023 in Nepal

Nov Mon 2023 03:08:24


Top 5  Best  Startups of ICT Awards 2023 in Nepal

The best 5 startups of icity awards 2023 have been selected. Out of the top 12 startups selected earlier, the best 5 have been announced. After various rounds of meetings of the Jury Committee and the Advisory Committee of the award, the best 5 startups have been selected and public voting for the best is now underway.

Startup ICT Award is given to encourage and promote startup companies working in the field of IT products, services and innovation. In this category, companies registered during the last 4 years can apply. These are the best startups of icity awards 2023

Bhojmandu Bhojmandu Food Pvt Ltd is an online food delivery and cloud kitchen startup company. Bhojmandu, which started from Kathmandu Valley, has also expanded to Virganj. The company plans to expand to other places as well. Bhojmandu has been providing its services from 11 pm to 3 am. Bhojmandu has been delivering orders in 30 to 45 minutes at night and 1 hour as much as possible during the day.

Dio AI technology : Deo AI Technology Pvt Ltd is a company working in AI technology. Dio AI is currently working on chatbots based on AI technology. The company has been making chatbots with multi-language support, automatic response, omni-channel integration and operational efficiency.

The chatbot prepared by Dio AI is being used by various government agencies and even private organizations. Dio AI has created Muna chatbot for local level and Golu chatbot for entertainment, quiz, joke, horoscope etc. Apart from this, the company has also been building chatbots according to the needs of businesses.

Happy Minds  : Happy Minds is an online mental health counseling company. Along with counseling, Happy Minds has also been working to connect professionals who have studied public awareness and mental health.

The company is also providing individual counseling, group counseling and support services to employees of various companies related to mental health.

Ration Technologies : Rasan Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Business to Business (BITUB) supply chain management company. The establishment has reached 4000 retail shops in one year. Traders can order FMCG and grocery items through RASON's mobile app and website. After that, the goods will reach the shop of the businessman. Rasan Technologies has planned to transform into a public company.

Yarsa Tech : Yarsa Tech is a company that makes consumer electronic products. Yarsa Tech, which has its head office in Pokhara, has so far made Private Power, AdiQR, Junkiri, Automatic Water Level Controller and AdiQR products. The company claims that it is making products that are needed by Nepalese by improving the soil of Nepal.

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