Google's 25th birthday in 2023 ! Happy birthday Google!

Sep Thu 2023 06:23:42


Google's 25th birthday in 2023 ! Happy birthday Google!

On the occasion of the 5th birthday, Google has put an animation of its logo modification. The animation can be seen on Google's homepage. How the Google logo was in the beginning, how it is now after 25 years, can be seen in the same animation video. According to Google, if you ask some questions about birthday on Google today, you can get interesting answers.

"We are confident that the opportunities ahead and the potential of AI will help us continue our mission and improve the lives of even more people around the world," Google Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai wrote in a blog.

He said that Google will search and research various new technologies and adopt them. Along with this, he mentioned that Google will bring extraordinary changes in the field of technology in the next 25 years.

Google did not limit itself to search engines only. Realizing the needs of people with the growth of the Internet, Google introduced services like Google Play for Android operating system, digital content and apps. As the company expanded, Google was also involved in various controversies.

Despite all these challenges, YouTube, which has good potential in the market, has taken ownership of AI-powered virtual assistants. Recently, after the discussion of AI chatbots like ChatGPT increased, Google released its own AI based AI chatbot Bard. Similarly, considering the popularity of AI, Google is ahead in the campaign to connect hundreds of its services to AI.

Currently, the company has established its data centers in more than two cities in six continents. Apart from that, the company is now active in hundreds of fields, modifying itself according to time.

The 4th of September, when Google was launched, is celebrated as the company's foundation day, while the 27th of September, when it was officially announced, is celebrated as the birthday. In 25 years, Google has become synonymous with the Internet. Google is being used on the Internet in the same way that fuel or energy is used to drive a vehicle. As the content on the Internet increased, so did the desire of users to find content in an easy and simple way.

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