Next technology in quantum computing : What is quantum theory ?

Jun Sat 2023 01:56:09


Next technology in quantum computing : What is quantum theory ?

As the five decades since the invention of the computer are approaching, consumer-friendly speed, size and other features are being added to computer systems. However, the slow progress of computing has now taken a big leap. Now the era of information technology is seen to be led by quantum computing.

According to researchers, quantum computing can greatly surpass the data processing capacity of current supercomputers. Scientists from all over the world are doing research on quantum computing. Meanwhile, China has confirmed its successful use. Chinese scientists have succeeded in building the world's first quantum computing machine. The quantum computing machine, developed based on the quantum theory of physics, works 24,000 times faster than the supercomputers currently available worldwide.

What is quantum theory ?

Quantum theory is a theory based on modern physics. It explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy at the molecular and subatomic levels. The behavior and energy of nature and matter at that level is sometimes understood as quantum physics and quantum mechanics. In 1900, physicist Max Planck presented his quantum theory at the German Physical Society. Planck tried to find out the reason why a bright object goes through radiation from red to orange and finally to blue when the temperature increases.

He discovered that energy exists in every unit as matter works. Before this postulate, there was postulate that electromagnetic wave is a constant. He tried to find his question. The existence of these units was understood as the foundation of the first quantum theory. Planck developed a mathematical equation to represent each unit of energy. Which he called quanta. This equation explains it well. Planck discovered that at certain different temperature levels, the energy of a luminous object absorbs different regions of the spectrum. Planck hypothesized that the discovery of quanta would lead to further theories. It will develop a completely new and original understanding of the laws of nature. Planck was awarded the Physics Prize in 1918. The recent success of this theory has opened the way to use it in computing.

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