Prachanda Bahadur Shrestha Became chairman of Himalayan Bank

Jan Mon 2024 03:56:48


Prachanda Bahadur Shrestha Became chairman of Himalayan Bank

Himalayan Bank's  Limited 31st Annual General Meeting has been completed. The completed general meeting has passed the consolidated financial statements of the bank and its subsidiaries. Prachanda Bahadur Shrestha, chairman of the bank, presented the report of the financial year 2079/080 in the meeting.

Chairman Shrestha informed that in the year under review, Civil Bank was acquired and integrated business was started and the then Civil Capital Market Limited was also acquired by Himalayan Capital Limited, a subsidiary company of the bank, and integrated business was started. He also said that until the end of the financial year 2079/080, the bank collected deposits of 2 trillion 78 billion 52 crore rupees and disbursed loans of 2 trillion 42 billion 75 crore rupees.

Election officer Ramesh Sapkota informed that 5 directors represented by founding shareholders in the board of directors of Himalayan Bank, Prachanda Bahadur Shrestha, Farhan Taliv, Jitendra Dhital, Sunil Bahadur Thapa and Pratap Jang Pandey were elected unopposed and Ashish Sharma was elected unopposed on behalf of the common shareholders.

The meeting of the bank's board of directors held today has unanimously appointed Prachanda Bahadur Shrestha as the president of the bank for the next 4 years among the newly appointed directors. While congratulating the newly elected directors, Shrestha, the chairman of the bank, said that the bank will continue to strive to make the services and facilities of the bank attractive and quality based on time.

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