How to get NOC from Online in Nepal ?

Mar Fri 2024 03:50:32


How to get NOC from Online in Nepal ?

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Foreign Studies Branch (NOC) has stated that it is preparing to provide 'faceless' service. Currently, students have to go physically to verify the educational certificates required to get the NOC.

Currently, the process of integrating academic data of Tribhuvan University into the portal of NOC branch has been advanced. Preparations have been made to integrate the data of Pokhara University with the University.

Vasti said that since the number of students studying in Tribhuvan University is more and the number of students taking NOC is also higher in Tribhuvan University, they have given priority to 'Data Integrate' of Tribhuvan University. According to him, there is a dialogue between the branch and the University and preparations are being made to carry out the study and implementation by the technicians of both sides.

Now the branch is issuing verification within 24 hours of application and NOC within 24 hours of verification. The branch said that if there is a complaint from the student that takes more than 2 days, NOC is distributed immediately after checking. Acting Branch Head Vasudev Vasti said, 'Some students have not applied themselves. As a result, there is a situation of not knowing whether there is a review or a rejection.

Shantiram Paudel, head of the branch, resigned on 30 February saying that he was not able to provide effective service due to the increase in the number of NOC takers. Vasti, who has been in charge of Nimitta since 1st Chait, has re-implemented the time card from 2nd Chait.

Wasti itself implemented the 'time card' (services will be available only on the date and time received on the mobile phone after applying online). In the meantime, there was a problem because the "time card" was not implemented. The head of the settlement said that 9,000 pending applications were reduced to zero in 4 days and regular service was started from Tuesday.

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