4G service begins in Humla

Jan Thu 2024 03:09:27


4G service begins in Humla

4G service under the system of Nepal Telecommunications Corporation has lately come into operation at Tanjkot rural municipality, a southern belt of Humla district,  The area had been suffering communications problems for years due to a lack of reliable telephone and internet. The locals here are now elated with the operation of the 4G service. Rural municipality chair Lal Kesh Jaisi hoped the modern technology would facilitate daily administrative works at local levels. It impacts positively on public service delivery, he viewed.

Online services would also be available with the new scheme in offices. Earlier, the people were forced to communicate with relatives by phone- that too on sunny days. Officiating administrative officer at the rural municipality, Rajendra Syangku, also hoped the new facility was for everyone’s convenience.

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