How to Smartphones are listening to you 24 hours ?

Dec Tue 2023 03:25:32


How to Smartphones are listening to you 24 hours ?

Your phone is listening to you 24 hours a day. It may sound a little strange, but the reality is the same. New research has confirmed this. As mentioned by Cox Media Group in one of its reports, smartphones with built-in microphones are spying on users 24 hours a day. Smartphones with built-in microphones are always listening to users. Not only smartphones, televisions and speakers also have built-in microphones and these devices are also listening to the user's conversations.

Those devices listen to the user and prepare a data bank and based on that data, they show advertisements in real time. The gadget with a built-in microphone knows everything about the user's weekend plans, user's home, health and future plans.

Sometimes we see advertisements of such products on our social media which we have never searched about on the internet. Such advertisements are shown with the help of smart gadgets. Smart gadgets listen to you and based on that advertising agencies target you. So if you want to avoid this kind of spying or if you want these gadgets not to listen to you then turn off the internet while chatting.

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