OnePlus phone screen facing green streaks problem, How to remove it ?

Sep Thu 2023 07:42:55


OnePlus phone screen facing green streaks problem,  How to remove it ?

While updating the OnePlus phone, a green line is coming on the screen. After having such a problem on the screen, when I contacted the service center of OnePlus in Nepal, the phone did not pick up. A person named Rivesh Thapaliya on Facebook is also fed up after updating Android 13 on his OnePlus 8T. In a post on the official Facebook page of OnePlus, which is operating from Nepal, Thapalia commented, "After I updated to 13, a green line appeared on the screen of the OnePlus 8T phone."

“Oneplus naliye hoo hai guys,” writes another user Prajesh Ramdam, “green line problem comes. Then there is only a choice.” Similarly, another user named Sanjeev has questioned why the white line appeared on the display of his OnePlus 8.

This problem is not new. Since last year, users all over the world have been complaining about their OnePlus phones getting a permanent green line. In a study conducted by Android Authority, it was seen that there was a problem with the old OnePlus phones with AMOLED screens. Android Authority has mentioned that OnePlus has started giving a lifetime warranty on the affected devices in India after users started complaining more about this problem. Some users got the facility of getting a new phone by adding some charges to the same phone. Talking to Android Authority, the spokesperson of OnePlus said that they have given a lifetime screen warranty on all the devices affected by the green line.

In the statement, the company mentioned that OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 9 series devices are affected. Apart from that, the company promised to provide another phone by properly evaluating the user's device with the green line on the screen. The spokesperson clearly mentioned the lifetime warranty for the screen in the statement.

According to the users of OnePlus, they have to pay up to 42,000 rupees for OnePlus 8 and Nine series devices if they have to pay a fee. They want Nepal to have the facility to upgrade the phone, perform lifetime screen replacement or provide the same price by doing a valuation of the phone as in India.

Apart from OnePlus, users of Android devices other than OnePlus are also complaining about the problem of green lines appearing on the screen after the update. Other companies have not officially disclosed anything about it.

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