Spotify tests voice translation feature for podcasts

Sep Thu 2023 06:16:59


Spotify tests voice translation feature for podcasts

Spotify has launched a feature aimed at podcasters that allows them to translate their voice into other languages. The company has informed about this by writing a blog post. Now the program run by podcasters can be reproduced in their own voice, but in other languages. Announcing the pilot on September 25, 2023, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek tweeted, “It's called Voice Translation and using AI, translates podcast episodes into alternate languages, all in the podcaster's voice.

For this, the company has used OpenAI's voice transcription tool (Whisper). Similarly, collaboration with English speaking podcasts such as Dax Sheppard, Monica Padman, Lex Friedman, Bill Simmons, Steven Bartlett has also been done. Now, by mimicking the voice of these podcasters, the company has made the podcast in Spanish possible to translate.

According to the company, in the future, there will be a facility that can be translated into French, German and other languages. The company says the move will help podcasters take their shows global with their own voice. Also, the company claims that the user can listen to the second language podcaster's program in their own language. However, both companies have stated that they are aware of the security and privacy challenges that such technology can cause.

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