Banks in Nepal, Top 20 Commercial Banks list of Nepal :Banking Nepal

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Banks in Nepal, Top 20 Commercial Banks list of Nepal :Banking Nepal

There are 20 Commercial Banks in Nepal as of 31st July 2023. 10 different banks are either merged or were acquired in different fiscal year. After 5 Mergers and 2 Acquisitions of Commercial Banks in Nepal, the number of commercial banks has been decreased on 2023.  The top 5 banks with the highest paid up capital as of Q1 2072 are Rastriya Banijya Bank, Nepal Bank Ltd., Nepal Investment Bank Ltd., Global IME Bank Ltd. and Nabil Bank Ltd.

Top Commercial Banks in Nepal 

Merger and Acquisition of Nepali Banks in 2023

NoBankMerger | Acquisition
1Nabil BankAcquired “Nepal Bangladesh Bank
2Nepal Investment Mega BankMerger with Mega Bank Nepal Limited
3Himalayan BankMerger with Civil Bank Limited
4Prabhu BankAcquired “Century Bank Limited
5Global IME LimitedMerger with Bank of Kathmandu
6Kumari Bank Ltd.Merged with Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank

  1. Kumari Bank (After the merger with Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank)
  2. Rastriya Banijya Bank
  3. Agriculture Development Bank
  4. Nabil Bank (After the acquisition with Nepal Bangladesh Bank)
  5. Nepal Investment Mega Bank (After the merger with Mega Bank Nepal Limited)
  6. Standard Chartered Bank Nepal
  7. Himalayan Bank (After the merger with Civil Bank Limited)
  8. Nepal SBI Bank
  9. Everest Bank
  10. Prabhu Bank (After the acquisition of Century Bank Limited)
  11. Laxmi Sunrise Bank (After the merger with Laxmi Bank)
  12. Global IME Limited (After the merger with Bank of Kathmandu)
  13. Citizens Bank International
  14. Prime Commercial Bank
  15. NMB Bank Nepal
  16. NIC Asia Bank
  17. Siddhartha Bank
  18. Sanima Bank
  19. Machhapuchchhre Bank
  20. Nepal Bank Limited
  1. Nepal Bank Limited
  2. Rastriya Bannijya Bank
  3. Nabil Bank Ltd
  4. Himalayan Bank Ltd
  5. Standard Chartered Bank
  7. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd
  8. Everest Bank Ltd
  9. Bank of Kathmandu Limited
  10. NCC Bank Ltd
  11. Lumbini Bank Ltd
  12. Machhapuchhre Bank Ltd
  13. Kumari Bank Ltd
  14. Laxmi Bank Ltd
  15. Siddhartha Bank Ltd
  16. Agriculture Development Bank Ltd
  17. Global Bank Ltd
  18. Citizens Bank International
  19. Prime Commercial Bank Ltd
  20. Bank of Asia Nepal Ltd
  21. Sunrise Bank Ltd
  22. Grand Bank Nepal Limited
  23. NMB Bank Ltd
  24. Kist Bank Ltd
  25. Janata Bank Nepal Ltd
  26. Mega Bank Nepal Ltd
  27. Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal Ltd.
  28. Civil Bank Ltd.
  29. Century Commercial Bank Limited.
  30. Sanima Bank Limited

    List of Commercial Banks (Class A) Before Merger

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