How to Remove Gmail login on your lost device ?

Jul Sat 2023 12:42:28


How to Remove Gmail login on your lost device ?

Sometimes, for some reason, the mobile or other device with your Gmail account login may be lost. In such a situation, there may be a fear that many of your private information may reach the hands of others when you are logging into your Google account.

If this happens, you can use the Google privacy feature to log out of your account from anywhere on your mobile or other devices. For this you use the below procedure.

First of all, the user should go to from any browser and then click on the profile icon and click on the 'Manage your Google Account' option. After doing this, go to the 'Security' tab and go to the 'Your Device' section and click on the 'Manage Device' option.

Then find the device to be signed out and click on the icon with three dots on the upper left side and click on the sign out option. Then you will get a notification that you want to sign out and after clicking on the sign out option again, you can log out of Google from the lost device.

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