Smart phone addiction among children is becoming dangerous

May Wed 2023 03:45:41


Smart phone addiction among children is becoming dangerous

Kathmandu. Now, allowing to use the smart phone daily to your child which can cause serious mental problems in children in Kathmandu. A 13-year-old girl from Kathmandu started showing unusual behavior recently. She started showing activities like beating her grandmother at home, breaking things, refusing to go to school and even refusing to eat. When these problems did not improve, the parents took him to a mental health and counseling center. Center psychologist Karuna Kunwar counseled both the girls and their parents. The girl was addicted to using smart phone from a young age.

The problem was even worse when he did not get a mobile phone. Due to using a smart phone for a long time, there is a problem in his habits. After the problem was solved, Kunwar, the psychologist, had to consult again and again.

Last February, another 11-year-old girl in Kathmandu had problems such as being very chatty, talking whatever she wanted, gaining weight, sleeping less at night, sleeping rough, refusing to go to school. The parents also took the girl to a mental and health counseling center. After several consultations, the problems that appeared in the girl disappeared.

A three-year-old boy from Koteshwar, Kathmandu, had a problem of not sleeping and looking at his mobile phone at night. The father of this child was also addicted to smart phones. The father and son were also treated in consultation with the center.

As children who use their smart phones for hours are showing mental problems, there are now many people who come to the treatment center with such problems. But they have not been studied. According to Kunwar, a psychologist at the counseling center, two of the 15 people served weekly have been found to be addicted to smart phones causing various problems.

Out of 40 people who go to the mental department of Kanti Children's Hospital for daily treatment, two-thirds of them suffer from mental problems caused by smart phones. On an average, the number of children who reach the hospital with such problems is 72 per month.

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