SixG technology will come within 2030 ! Strengthen 5G before introducing SixG

Mar Mon 2023 02:44:19


SixG technology will come within 2030 ! Strengthen 5G before introducing SixG

SixG technology, which is currently under research and study, can be used by the public by the end of this decade, i.e. within the year 2030, according to telecommunication service providers. They said that many things about this will become clear in the coming years.

In the current situation where there are difficulties and delays in the use of 5G technology in mobile internet, the heads of the world's largest telecom companies have predicted that 6G technology will come within the year 2030. This estimate of experts in the telecom sector has been made public in the perspective that the return of hundreds of billions of dollars invested in the research and infrastructure establishment of 5G technology is not encouraging and the expansion of this technology is happening at a slower pace than expected all over the world.

The expansion of 5G technology, which started in China, America and South Korea since 2019, is still continuing. Telecom experts are of the view that due to reasons including covid and economic recession, the attraction of customers worldwide is not significant towards 5G, which is claimed to be faster and more advanced than the latest 4G technology. Countries including India are working on infrastructure for the expansion of 5G technology at a very fast pace.

While continuing the study and initiatives for SixG, the telecom chiefs say that their focus will be on the expansion of FiveG services. They understand that since 5G has yet to make progress, consumers will be confused when talking about 6G. Currently, most of the 5G networks are being built on the equipment and technology of 4G, but now the service providers are trying to publicize the technology purely for 5G. . They are of the opinion that it is necessary to strengthen 5G before introducing SixG.

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