Sheela Kansakar Karki Women Icon ICT Award 2022

Jan Mon 2023 03:45:28


Sheela Kansakar Karki Women Icon ICT Award 2022

2022, this year's 'Ncell Woman Icon City Award 2022' has been given to Sheila Kansakar Karki. At the grand finale event of Infodevelopers ICT Awards held in Kathmandu, Karki was awarded the Woman Icon ICT Award 2022.

This award is given to women who have made significant contributions in the information technology sector of Nepal.The Woman Icon winner was awarded Rs 3 lakh cash by Ncell.

This award was jointly handed over to Karki by Shankar Das Bairagi, Principal Secretary of the Government of Nepal, Sunita Dangol, Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, and Yuvraj Srivastava, Chief Human Resources and Administrative Officer of Ncell.

Shila Kansakar Karki is a leading name in the information technology sector of Nepal. She is also the former DIG of Nepal Police who played an important role in establishing the computer branch in Nepal Police. Karki, who started her government service as a police inspector as a system analyst, is the first woman to reach DIG from the ICT sector.

Karki, who spent 28 years in the police service, is passionate about attracting and motivating women in information technology. Active in various associations and organizations of information technology, she has contributed significantly to bring Nepal Police to the digital age.

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