Does WhatsApp spy on you ?

Jul Sun 2022 07:43:37


Does WhatsApp spy on you ?

A message has gone viral on WhatsApp claiming that from now on all calls made on WhatsApp will be recorded. The message also states that WhatsApp will now spy on all users and monitor users.

The message forwarding feature is also one of the various useful features provided to the user by the popular chatting app WhatsApp. WhatsApp claims to record audio and video calls, and the message also asks all your friends to forward the message.

But in fact it is a fake message and there is no truth in it. If you have received such a message, delete it immediately. If you forward it to someone else, the person concerned may file a complaint against you for cyber crime and you may get in trouble.

WhatsApp's official website also denies recording users' calls and messages and monitoring or spying on users. WhatsApp has made it clear that stalking or monitoring users violates privacy and violates end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. In other words, apart from texting or receiving and receiving messages, an outsider or WhatsApp itself cannot record calls, read messages, or find messages.

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