Air glass public by OPPO

Feb Sat 2022 09:57:10


Air glass public by OPPO

Oppo has already exhibited Oppo Air Glass through Inno Day 2021. The state-of-the-art AR (Assisted Reality) device features a bispok diffraction optical waveguide display with four different interactive options, allowing users to easily and quickly get the information they need through a self-developed spark micro-projector, state-of-the-art micro LED and torch, voice, head gestures and hand gestures. Has been used.

Inspired by nature, the thin and lightweight design of the Oppo Air Glass is based on an innovative monocular webguide design. Air-glass based on OPPO's unique design concept uses free-flowing curves to give light weight and simple look.

Weighing in at around 30 grams, the Oppo Air Glass is the lightest monocular webguide device in the industry that can be worn as ordinary glass.

Oppo Air Glass is designed to be used by as many people as possible with refractive errors, including myopia and hypermetropia. Oppo has developed self-developed applications for industrial utilities with industrial partners as well as various other applications such as Weather, Calendar, Health, Teleprompter, Translation and Navigation.

Oppo has been working closely with Baidu for customization of applications including Baidu Walk and Bike Navigation and Explore Nearby on the Oppo Air Glass. With the help of navigation, users will be able to get directions for bike or hiking. Similarly, Explore Nearby communicates information about nearby shops or attractions according to the user's location.

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