Password information : How to create a strong password ?

Feb Sat 2022 09:46:35


Password information : How to create a strong password ?

Passwords play a major role in the use of your computer system or any computer network, email, social media, online banking, online speed, important documents or any other special websites. Due to the weakness of this password, big cyber accidents have been happening.

The most important thing for any system or application is the password. This password gives you complete security. But none of us take special care in using it. Unauthorized use of this password will allow unauthorized people to enter your system. Such people will not only be able to take control of the files inside your computer but will also be able to find out your personal details as a result of which they are misusing you and taking various benefits. If you use a weak password, hackers will have no problem finding your password. Simple password cracking programs can easily find your password.

How to create a strong password?

- Use at least 8 or more characters when entering a password.

- Mix uppercase and lowercase letters in the password.

- Use at least one number.

- Use at least one special letter.

- When creating a password, create a jargon that doesn't make sense. For example, zero in place of O, dollar sign in place of S, etc.

- Things to consider when entering a password

- Do not use words found in any dictionary.

- Don't forget to use any personal details like your name, surname, name of family members, date of birth, mobile number, landline number, vehicle number etc.

- Letter lines found on the keyboard

- The following passwords can be easily guessed

English word password

Digits 1 to 6

Digits 6 to 1

ABC 123

The name of your city

Your company name etc.

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