What is AI Modelling ? Now AI Technology used in Fashion modeling

Nov Thu 2023 01:37:26


What is AI Modelling ? Now AI Technology used in Fashion  modeling

An artificial intelligence (AI) model is a program that analyzes datasets to find patterns and make predictions. AI modeling is the development and implementation of the AI model. AI modeling replicates human intelligence and is most effective when it receives multiple data points.

Skin analysis: With the help of AI software, a customer's skin can be analyzed, and the best treatments or products can be recommended for their specific needs. This can help personalize the customer experience and improve the effectiveness of treatments.

AI beauties have also entered the modeling field and such AI models have started earning millions. This news, which seems strange to hear, is from Spain. The Clueless, a company based in Barcelona, has created this AI model.

The name of the AI model created by The Clueless, a famous Spanish modeling company, is Etana Lopez. Atlana, 25 years old, is a beautiful AI girl with pink hair. Since going public, Etana has created a stir in the modeling industry.

According to Euronews, Etana, an AI model designed by Ruben Cruz, is earning 10,000 euros per month, i.e. about 1.5 million rupees.

Etana's Instagram account has about one and a half million followers. The company says that they had to resort to this AI model because they were shocked by the pranks of the celebrities. According to the producer Cruz, the company's goal is to distance itself from people who are full of ego and kill for money.

Till date, Etana's Instagram feed has 56 pictures. In those pictures, there are cocktail parties, gym etc. The company uses the AI model in advertisements, and for acting in one advertisement, it charges an average of 1,000 euros.

According to the report, the demand for such AI models is increasing rapidly in the market. Like Etana, an AI model named Emily Pellegrini also has millions of followers on Instagram.

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