Online Journalism Career and Media Standards - ICT Journalist (Bharat Upreti)

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Online Journalism Career and Media Standards -  ICT Journalist (Bharat Upreti)

A Biography of Bharat Raj Upreti had given for the development of online ICT. He is not just an idol person. He is the inspiration of every ICT lovers and decided to do and die for the ICT Online Journalism sector. He went through many challenges and suffering; and brings ICT journalism to this state. Even now he is working for the Cyber Sanchar MagazineICT News WeeklyICT Journalist Development Forum, Organization and ICTKHABAR.COM  Online Patrik.

In summary, the contribution what he has given for the ICT promotion is very hard to describe in words? So let’s know about him.

Among thousands of stars, just a moon is sufficient to enlighten the whole world. Likewise his contribution is big enough for the sequential development of ICT journalism. It does not mean that there are no any other people who worked for the development of ICT. Obviously there are many people and their contribution’s had brought ICT journalism to this state. But his contribution and efforts are more likely to be praised than the others.

Bharat Raj Upreti was born in Nuwakot at Thanapati on 18 April 1983 B.S. Baisakh-5, 2040. From his childhood he is simple, kind and innovative to learn new things. As morning shows the day, he loves to work hard and show interest on new technology that comes in the market. This behavior has become the turning point of his life towards the ICT. He got arranged marriage on jestha-4, 2070 BS with Sabitri Basnet. She is also caring and supportive in nature. Currently he is living with his wife nearby Balaju Kathmandu, Nepal.

Due to lack of maintaining the importance of the field of journalism, unsustainable, irregular and unhygienic competition occur within the political news only in Nepal. This directly impact to the ethics and morality of the journalism behind.

Describing about the current issues, difficulties and problem faced by the journalist, we have a decade long experienced person in ICT, Bharat Raj Upreti from ICT Journalist Development Forum. 

Bharat Raj Upreti said that lack of government support and not sustainability of ICT Media are the main challenge of this problem. Similarly due to political influence many investors have fear of whether their investment will go in vein or not. So effective planning is very essential on today’s date for its upliftment.

Around 2063 he worked in Cyber Sanchar Weekly Magazine as a market representative and just within 2 months of hard labor, he became a reporter. Finally after 6 months, he got a chance to become Assistant Editor. Bharat Raj Upreti believed that if you had heartily strong determination and devotion towards any work then every unthought-of work can be achieved. Around 2063 he had completed his academic qualification up to bachelor level in management. Similarly he had  years of working-experience on social service, works as Health Education  and had basic computer knowledge. But in journalism, he had just experience of 3 months training. He had strong vision on how to boost up the online journalism and launch it into as a professional job.

After completing his school level certification (SLC) in first division, he came to Kathmandu in 2056 for higher education. But after 2 months of his arrival, he had to search for a job due to family economic problem. Just around a 3 month of his college, he got an opportunity of job in Lalitpur nearby Pulchowk. At that time he had to leave the college by 8 and go for a job in Patan Dhoka from Naxal in a bus. Sometimes he even had a critical situation to walk on foot due to the shortage of money. In 2058 he had to work with an amount of just one thousands per month. That amount was very less to spend even for bus rent and fooding, that’s why he left the job after 3 months of working.  Then after he showed his interest towards social works and started doing but here he had to spend money by himself for them so he became fully unsatisfied with the city life. During that time he got an opportunity to make public relation but that was not enough for spending life. So he started searching for a job but didn’t get anywhere. Then after he returned to his homeland and started working on his friend’s Medical institute as a partnership in Koteshwor. After a year situation still remained the same and  left the Medical partneship business.

Then he registered the institute of Health Nursing College Private company and he added 5 coordinators. His aim remains no more when his coordinators friend started asking twice amount within a year of their investment. Then he left that institute. He told that he again started working in Social institute with the same strategy of converting institute into Educational counseling Centre and with the same vision of establishing Nursing College.  During this time he spent half of his time to social institute and rest of his time for counseling and training.

Nearly around 2063, he got a golden opportunity to meet with the chief of United social development Nepal, Deepak Karki. He had an experience of two years in social institute. He requested him to work on ICT newspaper publication as a writer and a researcher. Then finally he showed his interest. Then again Karki said that the news must be about Information Technology. Then he started working on the front desk of same newspaper publication. 

He showed his confident and interest to almost every work of that newspapers. Then he worked for collecting news, sharing ideas, editing news and managing the news with a demanded amount of 5 thousands. 

There are also lots of people who really helped him to promote during ICT newspaper. Among them director Bheshraj Poudel is one of them who had provided him a room and internet facilities for one and a half year. At that time, Chief Dinesh Sharma from Nepal Telecom Authority, Dr. Subarna shakya from National Information Technology Centre, Controller Rajanraj Pant from pramadikaran, Suni joshi from micro land computer, chief Pawan shakya from ISPAN, Managing director Binaya Bohara from Vianet communication, Director Bikendra Timilsana from Broad link had provided appreciable support to this ICT magazine. Likewise from publication team editor- Laxman bajgain and Pramod Bhattarai of same Newspaper Publication Team, sub editor- Deepak Karki and Sikshya Thapa, Desktop Typing and Setting Designing- Shova Devkota, Reporter- Kripa Devkota and Press- Rohit Dahal had provided valuable support and helped for the publication of Cyber Sanchar Magazine. 

He still remember how trouble he feel during ICT Publication. He remembered that humor nature of designer-Laxman Chaudhari and chief of Macro Tech Solution- Tilak Bikram Bhandari had given admirable contribution for ICT publication. Their supports are the turning point of ICT publication, he told.

Although lots of challenges and turn over occur in life, finally he became able to establish himself as one of the idol in the history of ICT publication. Most of his friends along with senior editor left the office due to limited salary. So, all the responsibilities come in front of his head. He took all the challenges as an opportunity to learn and handle the situation. 

Not only this, Bharat Raj Upreti had given his unforgettable contribution for the establishment of ICT Journalist Development forum in 2067 as well. From that time all the government ICT policies, counseling and supporting, flowing of ICT information to individual level, promotion and upliftment of ICT and print online become possible. It is one of the most remarkable contributions done by him for ICT.

While working in cyber communication he had vision of converting it into regional ICT. Due to lack of support from government and private side, he had converted weekly ICT post into online in 2009. He again converted online ICT news into ICT Portal. Because of his talent and experienced on computer, he started working as part time during internet access around 2011.

Now he is interested on converting ICT online news web newspaper. He had also dream of empowering young generation into ICT Digital and leading all the concepts of social news media and culture tourism into online ICT.

Currently he is devoting himself on transferring NagarikPost, Profile base Information News site, A complete Banking & Financing Information site and Culture and Tourism Promotional Social Blog into social media concept for online daily.

Information Technology is one of the Main ICT scenarios while Social Media is a medium of ICT area development. The core part of social media is web technology.  Due to rapid development on online and social media, lots of opportunities rise up in the field of ICT for the development of education, social, tourism business and individual life. Now it is impossible to imagine the development of any business without the help of IT, Web and Social Media. Now all the journalist need to learn the latest online technologies for the promotion of his/her business.

 So, he requested all the ICT lovers to work up together for the rapid development of ICT then only imagination of Digital Nepal will be possible.

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