Scientists claim that AI can be used to talk to dead people

Apr Wed 2023 02:11:55


Scientists claim that AI can be used to talk to dead people

American Dr. Prateek Desai has said that within the year 2023, such a technology will be released, which will keep the dead people close to people when alive. He gave information on this matter in a tweet.

The scientist is requesting people to record video/audio of their loved ones and their elderly/elderly parents and keep them on the computer. He wrote, "Start recording your parents, elderly/elderly and loved ones regularly. If enough data, voice and video are available, people will not go away even after death. It may be possible by the end of this year."

Dr. Desai has developed his own separate technology like ChatGPT. He claims that it is possible to interact with computers by making avatars of dead people. In this process, people's photos, videos and audios will be digitized. 

Then the data will be updated in the AI system. After the said AI studies all that data, the person's avatar will be designed. People can design avatars of dead people themselves. The avatar will interact like a living person. This means, dead people will be kept as virtual people.

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