Lockdown feature on iPhone, now no one can hack

Jul Sun 2022 07:49:53


Lockdown feature on iPhone, now no one can hack

Pegasus is the most powerful and sophisticated software. Pegasus was able to attack not only Android phones but also iPhones. Apple had become very vigilant after the hacked iPhone from Pegasus, which is considered to be very strong in terms of security. Apple has made significant preparations to avoid such spyware.

According to Apple, the company is releasing a new feature soon. The name of the feature is Lockdown Mode. This feature will add an extra layer of cybersecurity to Apple gadget users. Especially to avoid hacking, users will get great help.

What is lockdown mode?

Lockdown mode will soon be available on Apple's iPhone, iPad and Mac. With the opening of this feature, most of the attachments in the iPhone's messaging app will be blocked. According to security research companies, the NSO Group took advantage of Apple's approach to managing message attachments.

Wire connection will also be blocked in lockdown mode. According to Apple, the new feature is designed to prevent zero click hacking attacks. But since such hacking attacks are so rare, many users do not need to activate this new mode. Apple is developing a lockdown mode to prevent spyware and is preparing to release it soon. Apple has not released details about this mode.

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