Smartphones as addictive as drugs - Cyber Report

May Sat 2024 01:54:44


Smartphones as addictive as drugs - Cyber Report

According to experts, by 2050, 50 percent of people will have my phobia. If children use smartphones for a long time, this problem will appear quickly. Therefore, experts have suggested not to bring digital devices, especially smartphones, too close. Excessive smartphone use can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health over time.

 Epidemic 'Near Citedness'
Nearsightedness i.e. 'Myopia' is a condition of the eye where a person can see near objects clearly. However, distant objects are dimly seen. Yes, using a smartphone for a long time can change the structure of the eyes. In other words, the shape of the 'eyeball' is physically lengthened. As a result, the light coming from outside is focused in front of the retina. And the problem of distant objects appearing dim.

Dry eyes

Excessive use of smartphones can cause myopia as well as dry eyes. We blink less when looking at a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Because of that, we have the problem of dry eyes.

A study has revealed how the problem of dry eyes and excessive use of smartphones are interconnected. Blinking our eyes means cleaning the eyes with a windshield wiper and keeping them moist (not dry). Similarly, the more you blink, the more tears your body produces. So that the eyes do not get dry. And health. So blinking your eyes more helps to keep your eyes healthy.

In the case of children, if the eyes are not healthy, they will get diseases related to it. And, there is also a problem with vision. There is also the problem of dry eyes.

Negative effects of smartphones on mental health

As mentioned by Columbia University's Department of Psychiatry, the constant flow of information and updates can lead to feelings of anxiety. This is called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among young users. This causes them to fear that they will be left out if they do not participate in the cultural and social moments they see on social media or timelines.

But it is not only the fear of failure. It is also a growing feeling of loneliness and inadequacy. Social media especially Instagram and Tiktok showiness, people's fun life, success, happiness, attractive clothes etc. also make the youth feel that they are zero.

Smartphone addiction
Thanks to smartphones, we are able to connect with our relatives and friends in real time. With a smartphone, we can capture the moments that we find special as soon as possible. In some cases, there are also reports of people being saved from dangerous situations due to smartphones.

Mobile gaming is another element of smartphone addiction. Various types of online games pretend that virtual games are more effective than physical games. In some online games, characters and other content must be purchased by spending real money. It also makes the online game look real.

Limitations on screen time
Now that it is clear what kind of problems are seen due to smartphone addiction, let's discuss how to reduce it. Now you should limit the use of smartphone. This does not mean that you should throw your phone or computer in the nearest well. It is also not said that you should delete your most used social media accounts.

You should use smartphone and computer to keep yourself accustomed with time. But not much. If you feel that you are overusing yourself, take a break for a while. If you continue this habit, your habit of using the smartphone unnecessarily will decrease. So, balance screen time and taking breaks from it quickly.

Even if you only play games, use social media, watch videos or watch TV for two hours a day, apart from work, it will have less impact on your health.

On the iPhone, you can choose which app you use the most and place it in the 'Limit App' category. Follow the below procedure for that.

-First open the Settings app.

- Then tap on 'Screen Time'.

-And go to app limit option.

- And, choose which category of app you want to limit.

When setting a time limit, first reduce it by 10-15 percent only. You can reduce more in the following days.

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