Free Cyber Security Training for 4 thousand people by Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Jan Mon 2024 04:09:49


Free Cyber Security Training for 4 thousand people by Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Kathmandu Metropolitan City is going to provide cyber security training to 4 thousand people. The goal is to train 15,000 people and get 5,000 people employed under the 'Employment and Income Increase, Kathmandu's Prosperity' scheme. It is going to cooperate with this council and Gap Technologies to support the target.

The Council, a global leader in cybersecurity certification and training, is an invention of Certified Ethical Hacker Credentials. A scholarship worth Rs 5 crore will be provided through this collaboration. Cyber security skills are employable education. This saves the person from possible cyber crime and can join the employment sector from the training. 40 training rooms (laboratories) are being prepared to conduct the training. Training Coordinator Devendra K. c. According to , rooms are being prepared for training in electrician, computer, vetician, hair cutting salon (hair cut), fashion designing, tailoring, culinary art, computer hardware, CCTV connection, vertical farming and gardening.

  In cyber security training, smart phones, messages and information received in emails, internet connected devices and applications used in them will be taught about the authority and risks.

Basic aspects of cloud for programming, networking and data storage will be taught. Topics such as system development to protect such systems, wave application development, governance, compliance with risk reduction, data analysis and business skills, platforms on which such systems operate, use and abuse of such platforms are included in the training.

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